Chiropractic adjustment
A Chiropractic spinal manipulation is a manual procedure that a Chiropractic doctor performs with their hands to move spinal joints, in most cases, trying to correct spinal subluxation (misalignment of the spine)
Activator adjusting tool
Ultrasound Therapy
Ultrasound therapy helps to repair injury by increasing circulation at the injury site: circulation is a critical part of the healing process because it brings nutrients to and removes wastes from the site of injury. The application of ultrasonic waves also causes the soft tissue to heat up, which reduces pain and muscle spasms. Ultrasound therapy uses high frequency (ultrasonic) waves to repair damage to the body’s soft tissues (muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, etc.).
Electrotherapy uses mid-frequency electric currents to increase blood flow, gently exercising the muscles to promote relaxation and pain relief. When muscles are in pain and spasm, the spinal joints are also restricted in movement. Interferential current therapy supports chiropractic treatment by first relaxing tense muscles.
Orthotics are custom-made insoles that are placed inside a person’s shoes to realign the limbs and torso into their correct biomechanical positions. It can effectively improve the following conditions: pes planus (flat feet), feet pronation, chronic recurrent ankle sprain, plantar fasciitis.
Shockwave therapy
Trigger-point shockwave therapy is an effective treatment for many chronic pain conditions of the musculo-skeletal system, including muscle strain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis, and other chronic myofascial pain syndromes. Shockwave therapy works by introducing a microtrauma to the original site of muscle strain through Non-electromagnetic pressure waves. As the trigger points recover, the muscles become more relaxed and pain is alleviated.
Flexion Distraction table
The flexion-distraction technique is a gentle and effective method for performing spinal decompression, especially for conditions that show signs of nerve impingement (eg. Disc prolapse, spinal stenosis, sciatica and spondylolisthesis)
Seated cervical spine traction
Seated cervical spine traction to reduce problems caused by nerve root tension.
Rehabilitation exercises
Exercise therapy is an integral part of spinal healthcare and injury recovery. A personalized exercise therapy program can reduce pain and develop a patient’s flexibility, strength and stamina.
Kinesiotaping are used worldwide to treat sports injuries and enhance performance.
Ergonomic assessment
How you sit, stand and walk can have direct impact on your spine and hence your body.
Nutritional advice (Dietitian)
By booking only with HK registered Dietitian.
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