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About Insurance

Chiropractic coverage within health insurance can be included in group health plans, global health plans, accidental insurance, and travel insurance. There has been an increase demand in Chiropractic services in Hong Kong as employees are requesting coverage and employers provide Chiropractic benefits with group health insurance. 

We accept most of the the private health insurances, However please consult with your insurance company for coverage details because every policy's claim coverage is different.​

What Do You Need?

Many private health insurance plans cover chiropractic care.  Patients will receive receipts that they can submit for reimbursement from their insurer.  Before their first visits, patients are advised to contact their insurance provider to find out if they are covered.  It is also prudent to confirm the following details:

  1. Amount of coverage (partial or full coverage)

  2. Limits of coverage

  3. Any requirements for a general practitioner’s referral

  4. Reimbursement Procedures

A written referral from a General Practitioner or Medical Doctor, (GP/MD) is usually required. It is suggested to inquire with your personal GP regarding the referral. 

It is also recommended to have the referral letter from general practitioner dated and ready BEFORE the appointment with your Chiropractor. Please note that neither the chiropractor nor general practitioner can change the date of the referral letter or receipts of the treatments.


Most insurance policies require two things from a referral letter:

       1. A TITLE for the Doctor (e.g. To Chiropractor)

       2. A DIAGNOSIS to be included in the receipt. (Same diagnosis as referring GP)

Please note that once the receipts have been submitted, clinical information such as diagnosis and dates cannot be changed. And if the required information is not submitted correctly or on time, it is possible that the treatment(s) will not be covered.

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